بنا به درخواست شما دوستان عزیز طرز از بین بردن ویروس والپیپر را برایتان قدم به قدم توضیح می دهم امیدوارم مفید باشد.

قدم 1:

Initiate your computer's anti-virus program to determine obvious programs with malicious intent. You should utilize the advanced search feature in this program to dig deep into your computer's drives for hidden viruses from wallpaper.

  • Step 2

    Head to your computer's desktop and right click on an empty space away from icons. Run your cursor down the "Desktop" menu until you reach "Properties." Click on the left mouse button.

  • Step 3

    Switch your wallpaper to default settings on your computer to remove the obvious symptoms of infected wallpaper. You can head to "Desktop Settings" and select "None" to bring up a blank background or use one of the computer's pre-installed backgrounds.

  • Step 4

    Eliminate the source file for downloaded wallpaper by heading to your "Control Panel." You can look for wallpaper generators and other downloaded files among other software suites within the "Remove Programs" feature.

  • Step 5

    Delete the icons and supporting files for viral wallpaper from your "My Pictures" folder. You can click on the "Start" menu, go to the "My Pictures" menu and right click on each file for permanent deletion.

  • Step 6

    Complete your search for infected files by looking at your computer's "Windows" folder for wallpaper that you stored several layers into your "C" drive. This folder is available by going to your "C" drive, clicking on "Windows," heading to the "Web" folder and searching the "Wallpaper" for wallpaper files.

  • Step 7

    Turn your computer on and off after deletion of wallpaper files to confirm removal. The persistence of wallpaper on your desktop as you log on and off means that the infection remains within your system.

  • Step 8

    Contact the manufacturer of your computer if you hold an active warranty that deals with drive issues. Major computer companies have technicians who can access your computer remotely and look for a virus located deep in your program files.

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